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Paused contract and client disappearing

Dear Odeskers,


what would you do? I was hired for a voiceover job, I did my job, the client was satisfied and assigned me some more voiceovers. I got paid, then he decided to pause the contract in order to recharge his credit card. 


I sent him, after some months, two messages, in order to have some info and ask him, if he still need my voiceovers.


Well, he never replied.


What would you do?


"He never replied"


That's your reply! Life is to short to wait around fior clients, so move on. If youwant him to close the contract, ask again in a week or so, and if still no reply then you can ask oDesk toi try and contact hime for yoiu - or you can close it yourself. The main thing is that you've been paid for all the work you did



I wouldn't worry about it to much. You can even close it yourself if you want. If you choose to do this, I would write another email asking the client if he wants to close the account. Then tell him that you will do it if you don't hear from him within a couple of weeks.


I've had a job that's been open for a year and everytime I send an email about closing the contract, the client asks that I leave it open. I have no idea why since he doesn't seem to have any work for me.


Keep taking other jobs and if the client does have work for you at a later date, just tell him that you can do the job but you need to fit it into your schedule.Then tell him when you can have it done by.



Mr. David, I've read your post in this problem. I am inlightened because i had 3 paused contract and i don't know what to do. Now, you've given me an idea by your advice. Thank's much. 


Thanks for the answers. 


In fact I just wanted to close the contract by myself.  I am not waiting for him anymore, I am doing many other jobs, so that´s fortunately not the problem!


Also he simply doesn´t reply. I guess that he has obtained what he wanted and never got back to Odesk then.




Many reasons not worth thinking over... so simply move on.  I've got a paused contract and how funny that we're friends on Facebook.  Sometimes, I would like the client's posts, even me posting Happy Birthday.. w/c got acknowledged & liked.  But my message about Odesk?  Sound of silence.


Maybe, it's a rare case of selective amnesia lol Woman Very Happy




I have a similar problem and in my case the client has not yet paid me for the previous jobs I did. He keeps saying he is working on it. I am waiting for payment for jobs I did in September and was to be paid in October. Is there a way that I can actually make him pay what he owes?