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Paused contracts effect my JS

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Thisalaka K Member Since: Jun 22, 2015
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I had 98% job success score and recently it dropped to 95%.     I am not sure to reason for that. Last few months I have done well.


But there are 2 contracts paused by Upwork. Those two contracts I have done my part and waiting for clients response. It was around 2 months now and I did not receive any reply from them.


My question is these paused contracts effect my JS?


If yes can I close those?


Best Regards


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Asif R Member Since: Jan 7, 2015
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Dear Thisalaka ! I don't think that Paused contracts are effecting your overall Job Success rate. I have 4 x paused contracts from more than 3 months and I am still at 99%. 


I noticed a special thing while my working on upwork. If we earn at least $100 in 15 days our JSR remains the same or increased. If you were unable to earn at least $100 in month they will gradually drop your JSR.


I hope you understand what I said.


No need to close contract from yourside, it will definately effect your JSR and it may drop some percents. So search for long terms jobs and work hard. Stay blessed.

Asif Rehman

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Mahmudul H Member Since: Jul 9, 2012
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Hi, I am pretty sure Paused contracts will not effecting your overall Job Success rate.
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