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Pausing contract by client

I have a great relationships with client -- and he needs to take a month break. If he pauses the contract, I have 2 questions:

1) Will my 10% pay rate still hold when he reactives it

2) Will the pause lower my JSS?

Would it be better for him to close the contract and make a new one when hes ready to resume?

Thank you

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Your 10% is for all contracts with the same client so will remain no matter what.

I have a contract that has been paused by the client since April and so far hasn't affected my JSS.

Thank you so much, Mary!!

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Hi Sally,

Having an inactive contract for a few weeks will not impact your JSS, if they grow to a few months they will affect your JSS slightly, but you can also end the contract at any time you think its best. If the client would like to close the contract and then re-hire you when they have work available again then that would not have any impact on your JSS, it is ideal to have the client close the contract instead of you.

I'm not entirely sure what you mean by the 10% pay rate, but if what you mean is that you've reached the threshold where your freelancer has dropped to 10% with that client, then that will continue to be the case even if the current contract is ended, and you are hired on a new contract with the client.

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