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Pay-As-You-Go plan for connects.

I don't usually exceed the 60-connects-per-month limit but when I do I'd like to be able to purchase connects as needed instead of having to switch to a monthly subscription plan. Elance had this option allowing Contractors to purchase extra connects but following the merger we only have Freelancer Basic and Freelancer Plus plans. 


Are there any plans to bring this back? 




I know that Freelancer Plus contractors have the option to buy connects but given that we would be paying for said connects I think Freelancer Basic contractors should have this option as well. Hell, if Upwork were to charge Freelancer Basic contractors a slightly higher fee I'd still be for it as its not a service I see myself using regularly.

If you buy the plus membership, you get 10 connects for $10 which is what you would pay for 10 connects after getting the membership. And then you can pay as you go. So really, it's as if that option already exists.
Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Damion,


Thanks for your input. I can confirm our team is not currently considering making any changes to the way extra Connects are purchased.

~ Vladimir

Fair enough. I hope your team chooses to revisit it at some point.