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I cannot believe the **Edited for Community Guidelines** 'jobs' that are allowed to post on Upwork. Elance would never have allowed them, and Guru does not. What employer in his right mind thinks that he can hire an 'expert' writer to write a 20 page eBook for $5? With the Upwork minimum of $3, which sucks for freelancers in the US, this would mean that a professional writer could turn out 20 pages of fresh work in an hour and a half. I understand that I do not have to apply for these jobs, and I don't. It makes me angry that the service to which I pay dearly every month and who takes a chunk of my earnings, doesn't respect me and those like me.


Pay dearly? 

I had an Elance account, and I loved the site, but it was not perfect and certainly not exempt from scammy clients. There seem to be even more here, because not only the goodies shifted their accounts from Elance to Upwork.



Yes - I paid for a full membership and bought more connects three times this past month. They cost twice as much as Elance.


Mary: I recommend not paying for connects and membership at this point in your Upwork career. Focus on creating exceptional proposals for fewer jobs, and also focus on improving your profile and portfolio.

Thanks for that insight. However, after 20 years of professional writing I believe my portfolio is just fine.

@Mary B wrote:

Thanks for that insight. However, after 20 years of professional writing I believe my portfolio is just fine.

20 years and $8/hour jobs? You kinda cater to the jobs you're complaining about. 


Your profile is weak and your history shows that your posted rate is fake and you do $10 articles. Not really professional level. Clients see this.

So, if you pay $10 for a month of membership, the price is "dear." But $3 for one hour of work is unacceptable. 


If the product or service offered does not suit your needs, why purchase it?

You have so many posts. Is this all you do with your time? Maybe one meaningful reply would be sufficient.


"Elance would never have allowed them,"


lol wat


Elance is gone. Mourn it and move forward. 


At the very least, I'd would suggest you change your title.  I have had to search for candidates a lot over the last two weeks and I'd never think to include "Independent Contractor" in my search terms.  

Thanks. I have done that!


As a U.S. freelancer who charges roughly 20x the Upwork minimum, I don't feel disrespected at all by the fact that Upwork allows other adults to make their own decisions about what they'll pay and what pay rate they'll accept.