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PayPal Account Unverified Works?

      I have completed my first work in Upwork. The payment is still pending(it ill be available in few days) . Im in Philippines but I'm not a Philippino. I cannot open a bank account here. Im Russian but most of my life i live in Greece. I have a bank account there(Greece) but not a credit card. Even if i have the econ. situation doesnt allow you to withdraw money until an amount and it doesnt allow you to send money to  other countrys.  
     I want to ask if this money from upwork will be send to my linked PayPal account(unverified) can i still get them? Not withdraw them from ATM but get them in my PayPal account.  And if yes are they gonna be able to use them or my PayPal will hold them?  Im asking here cause it involves direclly Upwork  and maybe someone have faced the same situation.   Any other billing option for a person with tourist visa in PH that are not allowed to open bank accounts?

Thanks you.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Arthur, 


Yes, you will be able to transfer your Upwork earnings to your unverified Paypal account. If your PayPal Account is not verified, there is a monthly withdrawal limit on your PayPal Account. 


Please ensure that your Paypal account name matches your Upwork account name. 


Welcome to Upwork!

~ Avery

I have also an issue.. I made transaction in paypal but i am not sured it's working or not.. And which account is connected... And upwork did not give any error...

So will i get the money or not.. It's 2nd day after the transaction

Hi Sunny, 


Do you have one PayPal account? You can check if the funds arrived in the one you set up on Upwork. If the funds can't be deposited and are rejected by PayPal, they will be returned to your account and show up in your balance after a week or two.


Our team will follow up with you shortly to help bring your profile in line with our profile guidelines.

~ Vladimir