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Krisztina U Member Since: Aug 7, 2009
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It's 24 hours later and still not fixed.

Ace Contributor
Ivan I Member Since: Nov 13, 2014
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Same issue here. Hope they are aware about the bug and working on fixing it.

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Lori D Member Since: Nov 16, 2014
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I just spoke to support and there has been a technical issue with PayPal since yesterday. I got the same error message that you do. Kind of frustrating. Okay...very frustrating. Ugh. He said to check back in 2-4 hours. Really? Wonder who is going to pay the late fees for all of my bills! :-)

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Lori D Member Since: Nov 16, 2014
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They also told me it was a PayPal issue and when I called PayPal they said it was not so now I am even more annoyed that I am getting erroneous information. I love oDesk but this is an issue. Seriously.

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Stephen B Member Since: Dec 4, 2012
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it's just happened with me. The first time in two years I've ever had a problerm wirthdrawing fromn oDesk to Paypal (and I mean usually having the money in my Paypal in the time it takes me to open it up and log in), and I often thought that, given the way this site's heading, thank flip that the money part of it isn't affected. Now it seems it is....  top of the slippery slope, I think   Smiley Sad


(BTW - whise fault? oDesk's or Paypal's? Well. I know which I'd put my money on....

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Lori D Member Since: Nov 16, 2014
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Definitely oDesk. I spoke to oDesk support and they told me that originally they thought it was PayPal but it turns out that it was oDesk. I have been with oDesk since 2012 and this is the first time this has happened. Frustrating. Smiley Frustrated

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Christa K Member Since: Nov 16, 2014
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I had the same problems. Try it with a parcial amount, 2 $ less, that worked!

Community Guru
Krisztina U Member Since: Aug 7, 2009
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I tried withdrawing a bigger/smaller amount, but neither did the trick for me. 

Valeria K Moderator Member Since: Mar 6, 2014
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Hi everybody!


We apologize for the problems you all have been experiencing with withdrawing your funds to PayPal. We understand how urgent this issue is and our Team has been working with PayPal in order to resolve it as soon as possible. We really appreciate your patience and we will let you know once we hear updates about the issue.

~ Valeria
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Uxus M Member Since: Nov 17, 2014
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It works to me right now after 10 hours of waiting and trying.