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Paying Withdrawal Fee Twice or More



I wonder if anyone has experienced this and how it is to be resolved. Two times I have made withdrawals, they get rejected by the bank and so the funds are returned to my account, but I still lose the withdrawl fee so that the next time I withdrawal, I have to pay it again. I find this inconveniencing and wonder how Upwork could help us with this, knowing that the fault is not ours, but we pay for it. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Myra,


If your withdrawal fails and the funds are returned to your Upwork account, you will be notified by email. We will cover all fees resulting from an Upwork error. If the transfer fails because you provided incorrect information or your bank rejected the payment, the funds will be returned to you minus the following costs:

  • Original withdrawal fee
  • Any return fees incurred by Upwork
  • Any additional fees or penalties your provider may assess

You can check out this help article for more information.


Thank you.

~ Aleksandar
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