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Paying fees for receiving a bonus...

A client added a bonus to a project. Why am I paying % on a bonus!?
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Yes, that is correct. All payments must go through Upwork.

All payments incur the same fees.


It is always like this on Upwork.

Upwork takes a standard percentage fee of any money coming into your account.


Otherwise, some wisecrackers would just get paid zero from their clients and get lots of bonus payments.


It's not your fault. It's the fault of the naughty people who would abuse the system if a loophole was left open.


Even expense reimbursements incur the same fee. 🙂

I see your point but I do not feel thats the reason.

A Project is either fixed or hourly...

If you were able to negotiate with a client to pay you in only ‘bonus $’ rather than the later - that relationship is already breaking terms and on the brink of being taken off the platform.

If hourly or fixed $ is coming in or project is complete - A client simply adding a bonus shouldn’t incur fees.

It’s not rocket science. Other platforms do it at ease. I’m already paying enough in fees - don’t need to pay fees on tips!

The government already has hands in my piggy bank!
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