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Payment Error

My client ended project today and gave me good feedback, but it is not showing on my profile neither that earning is showing in pending transction, he paid me $100, it was hourlie. And another client has ended project after this hourlie it was of $5.91 fixed price and it has appeared on my profile. 


Why the other contract is not showing on profile and also earnings are not listed in pending transction. Kindly help.

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As far as a contract showing on your profile is concerned: Just wait until after the client has been charged, which, in the case of hourly contracts, happens on the Monday after the work week ended.


Also the system is not real-time, just wait, essentially.


You will find the earnings under work in progress for anything done this week, or under In Review for any work done last week. Please familiarise yourself with the way the payment process for hourly contracts works.


I manually added hours.

@Muhammad A wrote:
I manually added hours.


That just means you have no protection at all, the processing is the same.

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