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Payment Issue (Urgent)

I am having a payment issue as the account number added earlier was wrong so now that I have changed the account number it is showing that the beneficiary name does not match the profile name. Also, the payments done by the client yet have not been received by me. I dont know if its on hold or transfered to some other account. Please let me know how can I get the payment. Kindly I am very confused I need help with this

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Retired Team Member

Hi Pooja,


Once your payment is approved it will become available on your account after our 5 days security period. To view in what stage your earnings are, go to Reports > overview. 

Regarding your payment method, please keep in mind that it needs to be issued on your name or your name to be listed as a beneficiary name. Could you please confirm if your name is listed as a beneficiary name on the account? Thank you.

~ Goran
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