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Payment Issue

I would like to know about my payments which are showing as in review and in escrow , one of the job i did was 8 days ago and still its showing as in review , both the jobs are fixed price and I want to know when i will recieve my payments and should i contact the client?


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Hi Muyied Ulla,


Since these are Fixed-Price Contracts, your funds being In Review means that you have submitted the work for payment. Your client has 14 days after your submission to review your work and release payment to you. If no action is taken by the client, the funds will be released automatically after the 14th day. Please check out this help article for more information about how you get paid for Fixed-Price Contracts.





Hello i would like to make a complaint with regarding. To a client which they ask us to work outside the flatform and receive our pay outside the flatform. They did not pay me. They rate me 3usd per hour but i recieved lower than what is being told me before they hire me


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