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Payment Issue...

Hello, I am Imran from Gujrat, Pakistan. I am using Payoneer Debit Mastercard. I have been using this for the last 4 years without any problem. Now I have loaded my cards. When I goto ATM, I got the message "Service not available. Try Later". I am trying for the last 4 days and received the same message. I contact with Operation Manager of MCB Bank and he said, "It's banned in our country. You can use Standard Chartered Bank's ATM." I used that ATM but ATM screen's disappeared. I used five times but all the time received same result. I contact with Customer's Support of SCB. He replied "It's an International Issue and will be resolved tonight". But two days passed, the problem still there. Then I contact Payoneer Help Center. They replied "Your card is OK. No Issue at our end.". Can anyone replied how and from where I can take my money? An early response will highly be appreciated. Thanks.
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