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Payment Issues

Hello anyone else in Colombia having issues getting their payment added to their local bank account ?

I have and was told that it's only happening to freelancers here in Colombia and that is so sad.

Thanks People...


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How can i contact someone from the Payment dept *** Edited for Community Guidelines *** ?I have not received my payments since the 4th of July? and all i get is the run around to wait i feel i should not have to wait till more days pass before my funds are traced it's a very hard situation for me here i need some answers please.
I know it was a holiday but i never had this issue before i really need help please i went to my bank to confirm that my account was ok and i have no issues i need answers..

Hello Ursula,


I just checked your account and our team is working on your request. One of our team members will reach out to you with more information about the issue via a ticket. Please check your email inbox or you can check directly here.


Thank you.


Angela, I´m getting the run around myself.  This is very frustrating.

Hello are you also in Colombia? I have been in a continuous communication with Upwork regarding this issue but I the only response I get is that they are working on it to be resolved said they are having this issue with all Colombian freelancers... I am very concerned because the bills can't wait any longer not my son and his needs.
I feel this is very very unfortunate and unacceptable very unprofessional.
And honestly feel at this moment Upwork is not making this a Priority which it definitely is.
For us that have been waiting like me in my case over a week to get paid.
Please I suggest and encourage everyone having this issue to contact Upwork's customer support by phone so maybe to they can really see it's alot of us dealing with the same struggle.
Thanks to anyone that cares I am no longer using this app I stopped working on my previous account for this client due to this issue.
Which also cost him to contact Upwork's support as well he was not very satisfied about the issue either.
Good Night.



Yes, I´m in Colombia.  So far no monies from last week have been deposited into my account.  I keep hearing the same you are.  It is unfortunate it takes so long for this issue to be resolved.  You are right about us being taken care the way we should, hopefully this will be resolved soon.

Happy to inform money has reached my Bancolombia account 🙂

Hello! I already got my payment. They sent me a message explaining the source of this issue. I highly appreciate that they took the time not only to solve it but also to explain me what really happened. Hope this won’t happen again, though. Did you get your problem solved as well? I’m sure you did since it was a general matter and I’m glad that, thanks God, this nightmare is over. 👍🏻
Thank you, Upwork team!

Happy to inform money has reached my Bancolombia account!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Ursula Angelica,

This is a known issue and our engineers are looking into it. I will go ahead and follow up your concern with our team so that they can get back to you once they have more information.

~ Bojan

Hi Bojan, do we have an ETA, because its been almost a week of delays, I'm about to get more founds available and still no clue what happened to the last week trasaction

Hello Bojan, 


I´m having the same issue on my last payment, and so far the rep handling my claim never mentioned having an issue with sending money to banks in Colombia.  I know tons of freelancers from Colombia because I was the person that introduced/recruited them to oDesk/Upwork on some of the projects I have worked on.  So far, no one has mentioned anything to me.  If transferring money to Colombia is an issue, why not put our money back in our Upwork account and then we can withdraw via PayPal or ACH.  I have both of those capabilities.


Thank you,

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Hello all, I need some help.  My Local Bank Transfer Failed, so far I feel I have been getting the run around from the Upwork representative handling my request.  First, she said they (Upwork) would conduct an investigation with the payment processor, and no updates have been presented so far.  After voicing my concern a little harder, now she claims she has emailed Upwork´s banking partner to follow up.  Follow up on what?  If Upwork checks in **Edited for Community Guidelines**, they can clearly see that my Local Bank has not acknowledged receiving my funds, furthermore, I have sent Upwork screenshots of my Local bank´s list of received transfers, and the transfer in question is not listed to date.  Have any of you had to go through this?  Can someone please give me some tips as to what one must do to have Upwork correct a transfer of money gone wrong?


Thank you,

Hello Alexander! Where are you from? I’m from Colombia and I’m having the exact same issue. I wonder if the upwork team understand that some of us LIVE from the money we make here. And now our money is lost? I’ve also been trying to get some help but they only said that I’m not the only one and they have received same reports from other users in Colombia. Sorry, I have not tips for you. The only thing we can do is wait. So far I need to wait for four more business days so they can track my money.

Hello Carolay, I live in Medellín.  It seems reading other comments under the key words    ´payment issues´ that other freelancers from Colombia, like us, are also having the same issues.  It seems the money is stuck in the middle somewhere, and apparently the colombian banks may have asked for some sort of documents to be verified in order for us to receive our transfers here.  All I hear people are being told is to be patient, that Upwork is working on the issue.  Let´s wait and see what happens next, and yes I need my money to feed my doggies!  😞

Qué mal 😞 Let’s see what happens. Please, if you get any important information that you can share with us, it would be wonderful if you write it here. I’ll do the same 🙋🏻

Of course, I absolutely will.  I´m glad after Seven years of being on the platform I found this community forum.  Will let you know how my situation works out for sure.

I'm sorry to hear about your issue, Alexander, and Carolay. Please know that the team is currently investigating this, and a member of the Customer Support Team will reach out to you for more information. 

~ Avery
Community Member

Hello Angela, I´m having the same issue.  So far, the Upwork representative handling my request has not mentioned that at all.  She just told me they would check with the payment processor, and today she said she would check with Upwork´s bankin partner.  Hard getting a straight answer on this, very frustrating.

Hi Alexander, I agree with you, it is really frustrating especially because they make you wait for the 4 business days and just up until this moment I found out there was a problem, in any case I contacted support and they told me the intermediary bank has the transfer on hold awaiting for some documents which apparently they provided, I asked if I could transfer this week's founds and they told me I could so i did, and I just got them, I'm still waiting for last week's founds though

Andres, good to hear.  In my Seven years on the platform, I had never had an issue.  Hope this is just a one time thing!

Yes, this is the first time for me as well in the 5 years I've been working like this; I don't expect this to be something common from now on, but it would be really nice if we get like a message when we can be affected by a problem in the platform, like if the issue affects Colombian freelancers then just set up a notification right before you try to make withdrawl, just a suggestion for the Upwork staff

That is a great suggestion, this way there is no need for panic. Also, it would be nice if Upwork lets their representatives know right away when such an issue arises, and we as freelancers do not feel we are getting the run around.  Communication is priceless!

Community Manager
Community Manager

I'm sorry to hear about your frustration, Andres Esteban. This is a known issue and the team is currently investigating it. I've shared your account information to the Customer Support team so that they can reach out to you with more information. 

~ Avery
Community Member

Angela, fortunately I have PayPal and ACH access for withdrawing funds from Upwork.  I just withdrew via PayPal and received my money in seconds.  I hope Upwork can work thhis Colombia issue out ASAP, I need the money I have in limbo to meet some responsibilities.

Community Member

Hi all,


We've received an update that all payments that were help due to this issues should be released shortly and arrive in freelancers' bank accounts within 2 business days.


Thank you for your patience.

~ Valeria
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