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Payment Methods that is allowed within mobile apps

I have a client who is asking me to test a payment method but I'm not comfortable in the way the method works. It is required of me to use my own personal online banking username and password within the game to complete a withdrawal. Username and password gives the 3rd party full access to your profile and can do much more than just approve a transaction. Is this normal? Nobody should ever ask for your pin, or username / password.

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Go with your gut on this one.

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Gosh, this is not a client and they don't want you to test anything. They want your money.

Use your brain people.
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Of course this is a scam! You should report this to Upwork immediately. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Jannie, 

I'm sorry that this experience has made you uneasy working with this client, Jannie. I sent the client's information, job post, and your messages exchanged with this client so that the Marketplace Quality Team can review and take action if necessary. 

~ Avery
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