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Payment Not Received In Local Bank Account

I Will Transfer my First payment in my bank but I cant receive now.Its shows Confirm date 22-march-2018 but I cant Received and its withdrawl date is 16 march.

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Hi Gourav,

Your withdrawal appears successful from our end. Please reach back out if you do not receive the funds in your account within 8 days from the date of your withdrawal, at which point we will be able to initiate a trace on your money.


Dear Madam,

I cant Received Payment now?Please Help Me?
Bank Account Number is : **Edited for Community Guidelines**

Gourav, do not post your bank account number publicly.

sorry for that i dont know.....but please solve my issue....please 



It looks like it hasn't been 8 business days since you requested your withdrawal. Please, reach back to us once that period of time passes and you still don't receive your payment. We'll gladly initiate a trace for you then.

~ Valeria



Please, note that it can take up to 4 business day for the withdrawal to be processed. As Nina already pointed out Upwork team can only initiate a trace 8 business days after the withdrawal was initiated.

~ Valeria

Madam but after 8 days I cant received my withdrawal payment is $8...so its transfer or no?

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