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Payment Protection

I have faced one security issue.when I buy connects using card ,upwork is not sending any OTP verification.What security feature you are implemented for this ?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Ciji,


Thanks for the message. We don't have a verification prompt in place for buying Connects, since no card/ other billing method details/ private information are being requested as part of that process. We do send a notification email for every Connects purchase. We'll share your feedback with the team.

~ Vladimir
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Hi Vladimir,


Thank you for the quick reply.


While buying connects,upwork is asking for card details such as card number,exp date and cvv.And also there is a save button for saving card details for future payments (for eg: if we want to buy more connects ,we just click on the payment button without entering card details).This means that my card details are saved in the database.Moreover, anyone knowing my card details can buy connects without my acknowledgement.Here comes the importance of OTP .Thats why I am asking about security and safety.






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