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Payment Terms and contacts

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Kim W Member Since: Jun 30, 2014
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I think Odesk should put in a better system to protect the user of the fixed price feature. We are not always able to receive the hourly rate contracts and to be very frank I think this is a very unnecessary feature on Odesk if you cant guarantee payment on fixed price job why do you allow people to post fixed rate jobs? You are just telling people that they can take advantage of people as they have a liking to do so . Are you telling me that you honestly went into this thinking that everyone is honest?
Community Guru
Gillian Michele N Member Since: Mar 15, 2012
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Hi Kim, The thing with freelancing is that the freelancers have to treat it as though they're running their own business. oDesk is simply a platform where freelancers and clients can find each other, oDesk can't do everything for the freelancer. You have to be smart on here. Research the potential client before thinking of working with them, check out the feedback left by other freelancers, make sure they have a verified payment method and work in milestones.