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Payment advice - for a client.

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Barbara W Member Since: Sep 10, 2015
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Okay, so I just had a client request taking payment off Upwork. I of course declined.


The client explained that they would like to use PayPal through Upwork in order to send my payments - they are located in a country which PayPal through Upwork is not supported.


I offered to ask and see if anyone knew of a way to (possibly indirectly) navigate around this issue, so that the client can pay from their PayPal account, but still adhere to Upwork's payment policies?

(I have attached the section of messages, if it's any help. The client agreed to continue paying and submitting work via Upwork, but I would like to recommend him a course of action that's better suited to his needs - if possible. Additionally, this client has so far been paying all milestones within 12 hours of me submitting work, at or over the initially agreed upon amounts for each article, without fail. If it weren't for that, I would have been off-put by the request in the first place, but the client has been very courteous and professional in all aspects. I have removed any contact information for the client for their security.)


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- Barbara Herrera -
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Nichola L Member Since: Mar 13, 2015
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Barbara - don't do it.  You are much too trusting. I think you should report this client, and certainly don't waste time trying to set things up for him.


I have no idea how Paypal works for Russians, but if he can pay you off-site then for sure he can pay you via Upwork. You are unlikely to see a penny from this client. Onwards and upwards, forget this one.  


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Barbara W Member Since: Sep 10, 2015
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He has been paying me just fine, daily payments through Upwork milestones, for the amount of work I've done that day, often with a bonus. And, he agreed with staying on Upwork for the required 24 months. There's no question to me that he will continue to pay me.


I wasn't looking for a way to set up a way for him to pay me off site - I was simply asking if there was a way he could use his PayPal balance directly (or indirectly) with Upwork. I wouldn't be setting anything up for him, only posting the question for him and passing along the answer. Payments would never leave Upwork. (And, he had the next milestone funded before he brought up the question - if that makes a difference.)

- Barbara Herrera -
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Sandra T Member Since: Nov 26, 2014
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I was going to say something similar to what Nichola just wrote.


If they could pay you up to now through Upwork, they can keep paying you on Upwork. Living abroad and no credit card, couple of bankaccounts, just Paypal? Unlikely.


I understand you wanting to go the extra mile, but don't act like their personal assistant. They can figure this out on their own, they will have to if they want to keep using Upwork as a hiring platform.


Don't waste your time on stuff like this. Don't waste time on cheap-ish clients. Work on your portfolio, maybe try writing an e-book, write fictitious newspapers articles if you want, just focus on how to establish yourself and how to raise your rates.

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Barbara W Member Since: Sep 10, 2015
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But... if he had planned to scam me on it... Wouldn't he have immediately shot down my offer to ask for an answer for it? Maybe I'm an optimist, but other than this single question - which we mutually agreed was not going to happen - I have no reason to doubt anything from him.


I dunno. Like I said, maybe I'm just an optimist.


I won't look for answers for him though - but I will continue the contract until such a point I feel he is no longer fulfilling his end of the deal.

- Barbara Herrera -
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Nichola L Member Since: Mar 13, 2015
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What you could do is to ask CS - or ask Valeria direct. I think though, you will get much the same response as Sandra and I have given you.


If you have a good relationship with this client on Upwork, then you could ask on his behalf, but I have a feeling that is not really what he wants. But certainly, if you are happy with the present arrangement, you must go on with it.


What I can't understand is why suddenly, it is no longer possible for him to pay you through Upwork. Paypal doesn't really come into it, because you have various options on Upwork as to how you would like to receive your money. 

Community Leader
Mikila S Member Since: Sep 12, 2015
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Barbara. Don't do it. I have a client, with whom I am still working, who suggested payment off Upwork. I made it known loud and clear that I will NOT engage in any sort of payment outside of Upwork. Either you pay me through Upwork or we end our client-freelancer relationship. Guess what? I'm still working and getting paid through Upwork. And yes, this client, like yours, is pretty cool, easy-going and pays even ahead of time! (Yes, I'm serious) but girllllll you're too kind! Lol.

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Barbara W Member Since: Sep 10, 2015
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Lol. As I said, it was never a discussion/point of compromise on my end to be able to move from Upwork payments. They suit me just fine.


I also wondered why suddenly it was an issue, but he didn't push the issue and even apologized for asking - which is pretty much the only reason I offered to seek advice on his behalf.


Just to be sure, I am clarifying whether he is still willing to proceed with the arrangement as it stands, before I begin work on the next assignment. I figure that's a safety net for me. (And also I have some research for another client to work on in the meantime... Good a time as any I suppose.)

- Barbara Herrera -
Valeria K Moderator Member Since: Mar 6, 2014
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Hi Barbara,


I would suggest you report the client to Customer Support for disintermediation. There are reasons why PayPal payments are not supported for some countries and those reasons are connected not with Upwork processes but with local tax and banking regulations in those countries. 


Thank you.

~ Valeria
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Jean S Member Since: Oct 22, 2007
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Why should she report a client she is working with and who is paying her for her work, and quite promptly it seems.


Yes he asked to work off Upwrok but as she said it was not a major issue and she handled it well. He agreed and they both seem to have a good working relationship.


You can't ask her to give up the money she is earning with what appears to be a good client simply be he made a small mistake.?


I am also just stunned at the answers here. It appears like no one really read he FULL post.