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Payment from Buyer

I have done a job. But after getting my payment, the buyer account have problem/suspend. so I can't Communication with him. 


In this case what can I do? 

any how buyer Communicate with me or I Communicate with buyer and the buyer asked me how do I pay you? 

Then What can I do for this condition ? please ? 

how do suggest him to payment for me?


Please help me?

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Is this a fixed price or hourly contract?  If hourly did you use the Upwork time tracker to track your hours working on this project? If this was an hourly contract and you used the time tracker, you may be able to still be paid from Upwork.

The only way the client can pay you is on Upwork, they need to provide a valid payment method to Upwork and then you can be paid. Upwork has already notified them to provide a valid payment method.

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