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Payment method not verified but paid $5,942 for 7 jobs- how?

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Md Momtaz U Member Since: May 3, 2015
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Hello Friends,

I have applied for a database development job on 22 June 2015. I’ve noticed that the client has posted 14 jobs, hired 7 and paid $5,942, but his payment method is not yet verified. He has 0 feedback.

I can't get it how it works. I’m curious to know.


Community Guru
Stephen B Member Since: Dec 4, 2012
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It's posibly a temporary glitch - if, for example, the card he uses is about it expire. It''s not a totla red flag - just be sure it's verified agan before you start any work.

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Abdul R Member Since: Dec 4, 2014
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Request the client to make the payment method verifed before head on. Sometimes clients do that because no one could log hours in the work diary. 

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Dawn L Member Since: Sep 3, 2015
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I've noticed something similar with a job post that I was considering applying to. Is it possible that clients with profiles similar to this (that show their payment isn't verified but they've spent $xyz on the site), that this is an indication that they were clients on Elance that have made the transition and merged their profiles? That was the only conclusion I could come up with for this that actually made any sense to me lol.

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Sandeep C Member Since: Oct 24, 2013
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I have seen many clients that have "payment method not verified" but have hired in past. It doesn't look a temprory glich but the possible explanation is that his card has expired.