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Payment outside oDesk??? ($0.01 per hour)!!! Inquiry needed

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Elizabeth K Member Since: Apr 23, 2013
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I recently came across a buyer's feedback and I'm completely surprised by this new payment method outside oDesk. If I'm not mistaken oDesk does not allow transaction to be done outside oDesk and if it does please enlighten me with that new policy I'm unaware. What I do not understand here is that this particular buyer used only the time tracker to keep track of the time. This particular project- 1. Used oDesk as a platform. 2. The system was used to execute a project and at the end oDesk was deprived of that minimal service fee??? because transaction was made between the two parties via Paypal. 3. Its also really sad that oDesk allows an hourly rate of $0.01 which sounds more of a mockery for such a popular global marketplace. Just imagine, this particular buyer hired a contractor at $0.01/Hr, made him work for 787 Hours and paid him just $7.87!!! Was he not worth even a small bonus after working for so many hours? While some can work at $0.01, some cannot apply below $4!!!. If approached... its the same old copy and paste comment from oDesk. Oh! oDesk, where are we heading?
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Heather H Member Since: May 9, 2011
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I can understand your frustration, but you cant really base your assumption on simply looking at the hiring history. While oDesk does not allow payment outside of the platform generally, there are instances where it is allowed. This is typically when Client hires people in person or creates an agency, uses the tracker here to log time and or work and uses a team or agency to pay the workers. The client has the option of using oDesk enterprise solutions to handle payments, in this case, the cliet can pay the 10% fee, but that fee is refunded after billing. The client also has the option to pay their agency workers outside of the platform, and it IS allowed in the TOS. While this is not generally known to contractors, if you are a client, you would be aware of this. Please take a moment to read the handbook for clients if you need more information. I happen to know this since I had an agency on oDesk at one time, and wanted to know how to pay my contractors via the platform, or if there were other options to reduce the fees. This is the information I was given, and also read in the handbook. In the end, since a refund of the fees can take 2 weeks, I went with paying my contractors that were part of my agency via paper check and paypal. (and yes, they did use the tracker to log time, also @ 1 cent per hour since their payments were based on an hourly model). Hope this helps. Hope this helps.