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Payment pending since 8 days

Hi, my contract ended 8 days ago and my client released the payment but its still pending can you let me know when will i receive my payment? 

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Are you sure that the client released the payment or they just thought they did? If they did release payment, then there might be a credit card or billing issue on their side. Ask them. Have a great day!

This is an hourly contract. It will follows the regular schedule. No need to bother the client.



Is it normal to state Pending on hourly if payment has already been released? I use Milestones and pending there typically means credit card or some other client issue.

Hourly contracts have a different process. Pending also means in the 5-day security period, but after the review period, according to hourly payment schedule.

Pending transaction on milestones is on the payment side and is 5 days also.

Yes, but once the milestone is approved, not after a fixed review period. 

Yes your right .pls can you be my coach pls check my profile

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It'll be pending until tomorrow. Clients don't release payments with hourly. They are just charged. There's a "when will I get paid" link in the screenshot, but uuh yeah.

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Thank you everyone, I guess i'll wait till tomorrow and see if I receive my payment or not.

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Maybe is a network or your bank have not received the payment

I haven't withdrawn the money, its still not received in my upwork account, its pending.

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