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Payment process

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Erika Nina V Member Since: Jul 4, 2014
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Hi all, Sorry I'm really new here and I feel stupid for asking this. I am working for this client for some time now and today (Aug 6 Wed), I received a notification saying "Scheduled of $XXX from oDesk via LFT account." I checked my Wallet (Get Paid tab) and there is this: " $XXX on Aug 6, 2014 to Local Funds Transfer". I checked my bank account but the money isn't there. Sorry but I feel kinda stupid. How is this working exactly? Thank you very much!
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Jenny Belle T Member Since: Sep 9, 2013
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It will not be credited to your bank account immediately. The processing time varies depending on the bank you are using. I am using EON debit card. When I withdraw my funds on Wednesday morning, it will be credited to my bank account Thursday evening. Smiley Happy