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Payment status is still Inactive

Hi, my payment method on my account is still having the status Inactive. I already tried 3 different banks but it would not push through. I will be paid tomorrow and I can't transfer the soon amount if my bank details would not be fixed. I checked with my banks and I put there the correct name, account number, bank name, brstn code, and even the address. I dont reside in USA so we dont need to fill in the tax details. Pls help me. Thank you.


Hi Jessa Bianca,


I checked your account, and see that you have successfully added your payment method. Please know that for security reasons, your new payment method will become active in three calendar days. When you check your "Get Paid" you should be able to see the date when the payment method will be active and ready for you to use to withdraw your earnings. Please check this help article to learn more. 

~ Joanne
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Jessa Bianca G wrote:

 I dont reside in USA so we dont need to fill in the tax details. Pl

You still have to complete your tax info, only you complete a W8BEN rather than a W9. You will not be able to withdraw until you have done so.

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