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Payment through Upwork escrow or direct client

Hello. Please I need your advice. I have been working with a client for a while. So far she has been using her credit card for the NGO as they don't have theirs. We will soon complete the current contract but the NGO would like to hire me for more work.


The challenge is that she says she can't continue using her credit card. That I need to start sending invoices to their fiscal sponsor for wired payments.



"Unfortunately, the Collaborative does not have its own bank account or credit card, as it is fiscally sponsored, and the fiscal sponsor doesn't use credit cards for payments, only checks and wire transfers. I don't know what else to suggest, other than to put money into escrow through a wire transfer or check, but I gather from you that Upwork doesn't accommodate that. Any other suggestions?"


Please what other suggestions are available. If I choose to work with the NGO via Upwork's Direct Client platform, will they be allowed to use wire transfer to fund the milestones?



Hi Ofure,


It looks like you have already posted this previously and Goran has already shared information with you about the payment options available to clients. You can check the message here. I'd also like to let you know Direct Contracts is available to clients who don't have an Upwork account. If they already have an Upwork account, any contracts between you and the client will be subject to the client payment processing fee and freelancer service fees. 

~ Joanne
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