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Payment to Start with Hourly Possible?

A client has offered an upfront payment to get started, but the contract is hourly and I don't know if that's possible. How would it work if so?

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She can pay you a bonus if some sort of payment outside the hourly arrangement is needed.  

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Hi Jacqueline,

Your client can make a manual payment to you as described here.


Ok, thanks, I copied the instructions for him. Will the 5-day hold start from when he does that, then be available to me, or does it wait until the end of the week which I think is Sunday on hourly (I usually do fixed rate so hourly procedures get foggy for me). I assume in this case there is no review period.

You're right - no review period for bonus payments. They go to the 5 day pending process and then are available to you. 

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