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Payment via Local Funds Transfer



I requested payment from Upwork via Local Funds Transfer at Fri, Apr. 15, 2016 at 9:18 AM, and then received an email saying, "Your payment has been processed." on Fri, Apr. 15, 2016 at 11:40 PM. But, the processed amount has still not reached my bank account. Please help me in this regard. Thanks



Looking forward to replies. 






Umar Aftab


It takes up to 5 business days (excluding Saturday, Sunday and holidays) for the money to arrive in your account.


The "... has been processed" message means that it was sent to Upwork's bank to further handle.


Expect your money some time next week.

Hi Petra,


I noticed that you helped a lot of people asking questions here in forums. Same with Omar, I received an email notification that payment has been processed but the money has not reflected in my bank account yet. I noticed in my email though that there's a section that says: "Expected date of delivery:  16-Aug-2016". I have tried LFT twice now and I usually get the money the day after I've withdrawn payment. I figured maybe I just have to allow a few more days for it to arrive to my account. Thank you! Smiley Happy


Hello Umar,


I experienced the exact same thing this week. Has this been resolved to your end. Were you able to get your money eventually after a few days of waiting?




Hi Chennette, 

I can see that the team responded to your ticket. If the earnings still hasn't showed up in your account after 8 business days, you may request the support team to issue a trace for you.

~ Avery