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I connected for a job offer and the client had messaged me back but she had closed the job instead of offering it to me I told her that and she said that she confirmed her payment method and that she somehow hired me Ive already done work and would like to get payed. Thanks. also the get help button at the bottom of the support page doesnt do anything its just an empty HTML button element with no href.

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Hi Nikolas, 

If there were no contract formed, the client will not be able to pay you even through a bonus payment. The client will need to hire you directly so that you can be paid for the work you have completed. 


On Upwork, we always recommend for freelancers not to start working unless the client sent an offer to the freelancer, the freelancer accepted the offer, the contract is showing as an active contract on the freelancer's My Jobs page, and the client's payment method is verified. These are minimum requirements for a freelancer to be eligible for Payment Protection.

~ Avery
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