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I haven't recieve my payment on paypal after claiming 



by mistake i had withdrwan the money to te paypal account which was never created and i claimed the money by creating the account with same id. But at that time the account was not verified and i haven't recieved the payment.

i did contact with paypal agent and the said the payment is sent back to the sender but I haven't recieved it on upwork also

please help me to get my payment back.


Hi Jyoti,


Note that it can take up to a week for the funds to show up in your Upwork account. Your funds are safe an you'll be able to withdraw them again after adding a valid withdrawal method.

~ Vladimir

It already been 8 days and still I haven't recieved it on upwork as well as paypal.
Please help me to get my funds

You need to get in touch with PayPal to find out whether the money has been sent back yet.

No need to spam the forum, nobody here can do a thing about the results of you adding a fake PayPal address to your Upwork account.

I already had a convo with paypal and they are asking to contact upwork as the payment is sent back to upwork

I need to know the status. how many days it will take ??


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Jyoti,


Have you received the confirmation email regarding this transaction, stating that payment has been processed on Upwork?

~ Vladimir

No, I haven't recieved any mail regarding this.


I haven't got my funds back on my upwork profile to withdraw again with valid payment method.

please let me know about this issue.



@Jacob S wrote:

Does that mean that you tried to withdraw it already and it failed and you are trying for a second time?

 She withdrew to a non-existant PayPal account so now the money needs to be manually sent back and then manually processed and fished out and re-applied to her Upwork account.

I hadn't seen anything before my message, it appeared as a new, unreplied to post, but I suppose I was on page 2.  Sorry for the confusion.

I do not have any solution that is why i am asking from support.
I just need to know that how many days upwork will take to reflect my funds.


Since the account wasn't setup when you sent the money but then quickly created the account., that does make it a bit confusing. I just don't know.

I hope you can find an answer from someone in the company with access to payments and resending payments.

Hello Jacob,

by mistake I withdraw the funds for the paypal account which was not created. But I tried to create account for that id and the funds are not reflecting on paypal.. So i contacted paypal and they are saying that your funds are cleaned as when i claimed the payment at that time the account was not verified and funds are sent back to upwork.

But upwork not reflecting my funds as it has been 8 working day when the withdraw failed and I haven't got my funds.

please help me to get my payment back


Hi Jyoti,


Thanks for the update. I'll ask our team to check your transaction and follow up with more information directly.

~ Vladimir

Hi Vladimir,

please help me to get back my funds. i will be very thank ful to you

This is the mail I got from paypal. please check it

Dear Jyoti Kumari ,

Thank you for contacting PayPal with your concern.

 I know how confusing the issue about your money in Upwork. However, I dont see any transaction or transfer of funds from Upwork to your PayPal Account. There are different statuses of payments/received money, in your case it was "unclaimed paymenr", this happen because your PayPal Account at the time of the transafer was not yet fully set up. Technically, the money went back to your Upwork account.

Now, that your PayPal is all verified, you can now receive funds without any issues. It should reflect in your account immediately. I would suggest that you call Upwork to further check the money you withdraw.

You'll find answers to any further questions in our improved Help Centre. For further assistance, you can call us at 1-800-419-9833 (English service only) from 9:00 AM IST to 9:00 PM IST, Monday to Sunday.

Have a great day!

Joanna Lee