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Hello. I am new to upwork and i finished a job, and I linked my bank account. Why does my bank account have to be above $100?

Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

Hi Kaylee,


You can also manually withdraw your funds when they are less than $100 by clicking on the Get Paid button. Thank you.

~ Goran

I tried and this is all it shows

Hi Kaylee,


Currently, you have no available balance on your Upwork account. You can check your Pending tab in order to confirm the status of your payment. 


When a client releases a milestone payment, it goes through a 5-day security period and will show under the Pending tab of your Overview page (Reports > Overview). The 5-day security period allows the system to process and clear the payments. Please read this article for more information about Fixed-Price Protection.


Once your payment becomes available, you’ll be able to withdraw the available funds from your Upwork account to your payment method by using the Get Paid Now button under the Available tab or by going to your Settings> Get Paid and click Get Paid Now. 


Let us know if you need any further assistance.


Happy working! 

~ Bojan

Okay! That makes sense. Upon checking, it does say i have a pending amount I finihsed the job Monday, but it says the date of 05/23. Is that the 5-day period?

That is correct, Kaylee.


That means they are currently subjected to a standard five-day security period and will become available for withdrawal on the date you're referring to. 

~ Bojan
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