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Payments & Different Time Zones

I just want to know for fixed price jobs when the review and security period has passed and it comes to Wednesdays to get paid....do I as a freelancer get paid on the Wednesday in my time zone or my client's time zone?


So for example if the client lives approx 15 hours ahead...do I get paid on Tuesday evenings when it is already Wednesday morning in my client's area?


I believe it's your time-zone. If you had 5 clients from different time-zones...it'd be pretty messy o.O

It refers to GMT / UTC. So whatever you time is at 00:00 on Wednesday GMT/UTC. In other words Wednesday will start in the next 20 mins from now.

---- easy like Sunday morning ----

Then I'm mistaken 😉

Well it is your time zone, but the time Wednesday begins is relative to 00:00 GMT/UTC.
---- easy like Sunday morning ----