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Payments not matching up with experience.level

Outside the never ending spam posts, is anyone else noticing that people are wanting champagne on a beer budget (i.e high level work for peanuts)? Just come across another one - $15 USD for 2500 words. Like not even 1 cent a word. And yes - requires expert level. Advertised at a $180USD budget but that's only once you submit X amount of content. 🙄 Honestly feels like Upwork is going downhill. Between these crappy job posts , the spam and having to teach people how to do a contract (which they often just end up walking away instead), it's getting really annoying.
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Yep... in all fields... 

Graphic deisgn.. people want 20 double page speads for a childrens book for $200... at the level/detail of the VERY top children's book authors in the world... they want 6 months work for $200... not $15,000+... but some poor soul in a third world country takes it on... and they are jut getting exploited. 

IT is sad that these days,  all websites like Upwork are a race to the bottom.. but that bottom becomes the "norm" and others copy it. Even worse when they say multi-billion dollar compies are using their services... 

Such is life. 

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