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Payoneer account issue

My payoneer account is blocked. I don't know why i was talked with payoneer support they said i was break payoneer rules. That's why they terminate from their service permanently. But honesty i know i didn't make any violations that's can break any rules.

However, i have my father payoneer account. And we are working togther from one for this reason.

My question is, can i add my father account with my upwork account for withdrawal?
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Al N wrote:

My question is, can i add my father account with my upwork account for withdrawal?

No, because that will be a surefire way to lose your Upwork account too.

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HI there Al N,


I 'm sorry to hear that your Payoneer account has been been closed. Please understand that this is not something we do without serious consideration being taken. As I am sure you are aware, we have a set of terms and conditions in place designed to comply with the request of our regulators. Whenever a situation occurs where these terms and conditions have been broken, we are left with no other option but to close the account involved. You are more than welcome to review the Payoneer terms and conditions at anytime for more information, and a little insight as to how this may have occurred.


We're sorry that we are unable to provide you with our services any longer. This also includes attempts at using your Upwork profile with another users Payoneer account. We definitely do not advise trying this, as it could create a similar issue for the new Payoneer account it is attached to. 


You have our deepest apologies for this inconvenience. I hope you're able to find an alternative for your payment processing soon. 



The Payoneer Team 

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