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Payoneer fraud


I lost $260 from my Payoneer account because they said I duplicated a transaction. First, at the time my account has Zero balance, so the account went to minus $260, once I received my payment they debited the money. After sending a lot of screenshot, telling them that I only owed a virtual card and providing proof, also telling them that a code was never issued, Payoneer said this was not a fraudulent transaction and they wouldn't return my money. They also blocked my account and now I can't withdraw they money I had left in my account. This is so frustrated and this cardholder is definitely not a secure place to keep your money. I don't recommend Payoneer 

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I'm sorry you are going throught this. But what does it have to do with Upwork?

Lot of freelancers from certain countries in Upwork are using Payoneer for their withdrawal. So she may wanted to alert the fellow freelancers. 

When I created my Upwork account they required a withdrawal method, the only 2 options were Payoneer or direct bank deposit. I decided to use Payoneer because they offer a debit card, master card to use in any ATM and in my case I decided the electronic card so I could withdraw. 

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Yes, I agree with you in that.

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