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Payoneer in the Philippines

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Francisco F Member Since: Nov 13, 2010
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I rarely use Payoneer because its fees are higher than LFT and Paypal. I use it only in situations where consecutive holidays would delay earnings transfers to my bank account because Payoneer can make funds available within 20 minutes after making a payment request at oDesk. I've attempted withdrawing using Payoneer at all bank ATMs in my city. But it seems only PSBank accepts it and that bank doesn't have an ATM in a rural town where I'll spend my New Year's vacation. Has anyone successfully tried withdrawing from non-PSBank ATMs? If so, what bank? Thanks and advance happy new year!
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Eugene Joseph C Member Since: Jan 22, 2011
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I have also used Payoneer during the holiday season aside from psbank you can use it in bdo, bpi, security bank. I have also compared the foreign MasterCard fee both bdo and psbank charge .06% aside from the 200php withdrawal fee.