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Re: Penalty for Stealing a Profile

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Pat M Member Since: Jun 18, 2016
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Maria T wrote:

Scott B wrote:

Petra R wrote:

Scott B wrote:

my call is for you to start banning anyone who is found to have stolen another's profile.

One I flagged a couple of weeks ago for stealing my overview was suspended within the hour and still is...

So was yours just made to change his/her wording?



Yes. Profile re-written but otherwise shows available and has the lovely blue check of approval. 

Yes, that is another issue.
I have marked profiles "false photo / copied / stolen potfolio", and when tracking them, first I see them as private, and after a while they are visible again, and some of them have the "nice blue signal" and they still have, for example, stolen items in portfolio.

It seems that they are not taking it seriously.



"It seems that they are not taking it seriously." has been painfully obvious for a long time.




If that's true, why?


What will it take for you to take it seriously?


Who should people contact regarding these situations?


Transparency regarding these issues as well as many would be greatly appreciated. 


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Sanja D Member Since: Dec 18, 2013
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A thousand kudos from me! Profile has changed - that person has possibly just stolen someone else's profile... If someone steals profile description and / or portfolio (or part of it) - they should immediately be banned from the platform. Apparently, Upwork is super quick when it comes to suspending profiles for mentioning the word paypal in the message room...
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Nichola L Member Since: Mar 13, 2015
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Scott B wrote:

Recently I flagged a profile of a "freelancer" who copied my profile word for word. He is certainly not the first nor will be the last to do this. UW did take action and I see now that his profile has changed. However, I question why someone can take this kind of action to brazenly and knowingly steal another's profile, get caught, and still be allowed to remain on this platform? Is this the kind of people you wish to attract UW? Is this the kind of behavior you wish to excuse? If these people cannot even write their own profile, how do you think they will represent the UW brand in their interaction with clients? Allowing these people to simply change their profile and go about their day is wrong. UW needs to have a sense of business ethics that are front and center for all who use this platform. This kind if light tap on the wrist for stealing someone's work identify and accomplishments is insulting and you should realize how it damages your own brand in the long run. 


If you need to add some words in the T&C's go ahead and do so, but my call is for you to start banning anyone who is found to have stolen another's profile. If you aren't going to do simple word searches to catch these people before they publish their profile then at least have the integrity to kick them off the platform when you have found them guilty. No technology required, just some ethics and a belief that your platform is better than this and that your honest freelancer's and clients deserve better. 




I have had to set my profile to private because of this. And I have added a warning to any person who decides to steal all or any part of my profile that I will ensure that they will never find work on any internet job platform - and this will not stop at simply reporting them to Upwork. 


What worries me is that Upwork may well allow the person who has stolen the profile to continue provided he/she change their profile - and certainly does not recognize the seriousness of their actions. Generally, these people should not even be on the site and it is only thanks to their dishonest actions that they were accepted in the first place. 

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Sergio S Member Since: Dec 19, 2017
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I hear you. Those people should be kicked off Upwork for good, as well as those who use actors/models photos. I have seen that in other freelance platforms and it really gives the platform a bad name. If someone is so fraudulent to copy/steal someone else's stuff he/she certainly will be a fraud at working with clients who hire them innocently. Hey Upwork! Do you want clients go somewhere else ranting "Upwork is full of scammers who copy each other"?

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Wendy C Member Since: Aug 24, 2015
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And another 10,000 kudos.


If Upwork wants to be successful - part of which is determined by the quality, integrity, and honesty of the freelancers on-site - then all the FLers need to be 100% honest in their profiles and portfolios.  Any deviations from this should be banned - for good.  No excuses and no second chances.


This would be a signal of true professionalism and would go a long way in generating buyer trust in the platform.  And would work to attain what U covets so openly.  Big name / big spending buyers.


After all, once a thief's mentality and behavior = always a thief's mentality and behavior.


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Wendy C Member Since: Aug 24, 2015
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Nichola,  just sent you an email request to modify your wording and post the same message on my profile(s).


I am sick to death of the thieves and even more so of Upwork's failure to follow through and enforce their own ToS.