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Per project hour count / rate on profile

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Thanks for the input thus far. As a reminder, this is a temporary test we're conducting to gauge the importance of this information for clients in the review/hiring flows. We will come back to post any permanent changes we make to profiles and the display of work history information (including the display of hourly rates on past jobs). As usual, we will not only review the actual impact on hiring activity but we review your input as well, including the comments you're sharing on this and other forum threads. To clarify one point of confusion: this test is done on "the client’s side" and it affects only a fraction of clients. So that means all freelancers' work histories seen by a particular client are shown the same way, ensuring no freelancers are unfairly treated when compared to others applying for the same job. And there is no way to opt out of this testing currently but we have shared this request with our teams here. Thanks again for the feedback. We've heard from freelancers who've told us not showing this information makes it easier for them to raise their hourly rates over time. That said, we understand the flip-side of this argument as many of you have shared here. We will carefully review both perspectives as we continue testing and ultimately land on a treatment for this information.