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Percent Deduction on Agreed Payment not on Payment Actually Paid

No need to reply

I just checked and the rest of my money was in another milestone which was approved later. so it wil be back in my account soon.
No issue!!


Okay so here's the scenario i am seeking help for:
We know Upwork deducts 20% of what the freelancer earns

Now i had a project  on which i and my client agreed on $56 (for complete work). When i started working i realised that i will not be able to complete the work, so i requested the client to make milestones such that they sum up to $38 (which was the payment for work i was able to complete).

When done, at that point i asked my client to end the contract and flag the job as completed (because that was our agreement).

Now  i checked my balance and it shows that i have $24.

I   am confused   whether Upwork dedcuted 20% of $56 or 20% of $38.

Even for $38, 20%  (of $56) should be equal to $26.4, not $24

This is what i think the balance should be:
->  20% of $38 (that i am paid) - $38 (that i am paid) = $30.4


This is what i think Upwork did:

20% of $56 (agreed amount) - $38 (paid amount) =  $26.8 


Which  still is not the balance i have in my  acount for this job.

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