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Re: Permanent account suspension for Top Rated Plus freelancer without any explanations

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Sergey G Member Since: Dec 3, 2014
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Hello Upwork,


We have a big community of Eastern European freelancers. Our friend Victor's account has been recently suspended without any explanations or reasons given. Victor is not the first one who faced this problem and we've heard about such cases before with both new and old members. We know about all possible reasons which can lead to account suspensions but it looks like none of these reasons are applicable to this particular case. We are heavy concerned that honest Upwork freelancer can be blocked without the reason and lose the ability to use the platform he used for many years.


Here is his profile URL: **Edited for Community Guidelines**

He has Top Rated Plus badge, 5k+ hours and $100k+ earnings and verified identity (both ID and video call from 2019).


Obviously he has lost access to his Upwork profile thus he can't connect with anyone from the platform except via the social networks.


We would like to expose our concerns about this situation and our future on the platform. Nobody wants to be permanently suspended.

- How can we help to improve the verification process and decrease number of invalid suspensions?

- How can we know the reason of this particular account suspension in order to meet the policy for other members in the future?

- Do you have some contact which can be reached out regarding such suspensions and explain the reasons?


Thank you!

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Ivan M Member Since: Jun 22, 2015
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It is not even a single case during the last week – I've seen another top-rated freelancer banned where Upwork also has not provided any reasoning for the ban, not even vaguely pointed to a section in the ToS.


So, no warnings, no explanations, and also stealing the already-reviewed money that banned freelancers haven't withdrawn to their bank accounts.

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Ivan M Member Since: Jun 22, 2015
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And please don't say "We don't take suspensions lightly here at Upwork" in this thread, we've all already seen it on screenshots and in Twitter.


Start telling freelancers the ban reasons and re-examine the latest cases to make sure there are no false positives. Any other reaction is just corporate speak and avoiding responsibility.

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Balavignesh M Member Since: Oct 19, 2020
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My partner account has been permanently suspended. Can i use the credit card of my partners, where he was using as billing method on suspended account? using that credit card will ban my account?

Aleksandar D Moderator Member Since: Mar 23, 2019
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Hi Balavignesh,


Please use the method you are authorized to use. If any issues arise, the Upwork team will notify you directly.
Thank you.
~ Aleksandar
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Denis Z Member Since: Sep 3, 2020
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Unfortunatelly this concerns me as well. Seems like it wouldn't be an issue if we had at least a reason and an ability to dispute the case. I believe that a support agent have to provide some kind of explanation on why they decided to ban someone, at least for internal statistics. There shouldn't be any major obstacles for upwork to also share this information with us freelancers. Thanks.

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Armen M Member Since: Jun 22, 2015
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Unfortunately, this is a well-known and an ongoing problem that, in my eyes, makes Upwork a platform that I cannot trust both as a former freelancer and a current client. Because of such cases, we avoid hiring key people at Upwork as this can happen to anyone for no sensible reason, with no explanation and without any kind of responsibility taken by Upwork as a platform.

The key point here is that this kind of behavior means that neither freelancers nor clients have any kind of stability and protection of their rights on this platform, so a potentially useful tool becomes a dodgy service that I'll never recommend to other individuals and startups until there's a reasonable and a well-established process of handling false-positives such as this particular case.
Community Manager
Valeria K Community Manager Member Since: Mar 6, 2014
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Sergey and others,


We are unable to discuss the details of another user's account here for privacy and security reasons. The team will thoroughly review the account for TOS violations and communicate directly with the account owner.
Please, check out this help article for more information about the most common reasons for the freelancer account holds.

~ Valeria
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Ivan M Member Since: Jun 22, 2015
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Valeria, we are not talking only about the specific user (though re-examining his case is a must), we are talking about a systemic issue: how Upwork treats freelancers who have invested years in its platform and earned Upwork tens of thousands of dollars with their labor.


Why would we stay on your tinderbox of permanent bans out of nowhere without a right to appeal? Why would those of us who hire via Upwork continue doing it when we can lose our contractors at any moment?

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Denis Z Member Since: Sep 3, 2020
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You're right, it's definitely a private information.


Let's instead discuss the approach used in these scenarios. Is there any possibility it could be modified to suit both parties? It would help all of us achieve our goals: for us freelancers to have a platform we could rely on; for Upwork to be the place your clients could have a longterm relationships which won't be interrupted at any moment without any particular reason. And I want to emphasize this, clients have their own reasons to keep a contact with us workers, it could be a deadline or anything else. Thank you.