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Permanent account suspension for Top Rated Plus freelancer without any explanations

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Alexey S Member Since: Jun 2, 2016
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Thanks, Anna. That sounds really promising!

However, could you give us more details, please?
All of us heard the general phrases too often.
Every support request ended up with "we'll share the ban reason to the freelancer". While the freelancer (Victor in this case) still claims he has NO explanations. Even after all of this discussion. He has been banned "permanently". Then (after a lot of movements) unbanned. That's it. No reasons. No details.

Could you share your plans on how to increase account locks transparency?
Could you also give some warnings before this can happen?
Currently, we can't be sure in our future with the Upwork.
Hope that makes sense.

Upwork Staff
Anna N Upwork Staff Member Since: Feb 2, 2018
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I’m glad to provide more details where I can. A few highlights:


  • Verification flows: This is on track to launch for the identity verification flow this month. We expect to launch a system for recurring verification flows later this year
  • Improved suspensions messaging: This is on track to launch for half of our teams in Trust & Safety later this month, after which we will begin work for the remaining teams
  • Improved detection: We are actively and regularly launching new system improvements behind the scenes that help us more precisely identify bad actors and prevent false identifications
  • Suspensions revamp strategy: We are on track to have a strategy and roadmap in place by the end of this month after starting research last month. This is a major project, and we expect execution to take 6+ months, with improvements visible to our users launching throughout

The strategy we are developing is designed to improve accuracy and user experience, informed by feedback from customers via Community, our customer support tickets, and focus groups. 


I don’t think we can or should strive for 100% transparency as that would make it easier for dangerous actors to reverse engineer our safety checks. That said, we can and are striving to ensure that good users are given a clear and reasonable opportunity to prove themselves if they are mistaken as dangerous actors.


More feedback always makes us better, and the Trust & Safety team will be reaching out to you Alexey, Mikhail, Oleg, Gregory, and Daniil to see if you might be willing to participate in a call to talk through your concerns in more detail. Ultimately we want to ensure we're building solutions that put our users first.


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Mikhail N Member Since: Dec 29, 2015
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This is probably the most transparent forum post in response to a freelancers community concern and is massively appreciated. I would gladly participate and expand on the concerns I personally see with the current system, please do reach out to set up a call.

Upwork Staff
Jessica D Upwork Staff Member Since: Jul 19, 2018
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Hi Everyone,
We wanted to take some time to follow up on this post with a summary of an incredibly productive discussion we (myself, along with Dorian and Anna from our Trust and Safety team) held with Alexey, Gregory, Serj, and Mikhail a few weeks ago that we truly appreciate your time for. During our time together we wanted to listen to your stories and concerns, as well as share our own updates and plans to tackle this issue of suspensions without compromising the safety of our freelancers. The following is a brief summary of what we discussed during our hour together:
First, we took some time to listen to each of you about how Upwork suspensions has affected you:
  • The Upwork Trust & Safety team had the opportunity to listen to personal stories of dealing with suspensions, and the impact it had on your ability to conduct work on Upwork. This included the loss of potential clients, projects, and earnings- not to mention your trust in Upwork. 
  • The most frustrating part of these suspensions is that many of you a) don’t know why the suspension occurred, and b) a quick/efficient way to resolve it, especially if it felt unwarranted and/or abrupt.
  • Freelancers need more transparency- especially when it comes to suspensions and how they work.
  • As a result, some of you have needed to diversify your earning opportunities outside of Upwork (in the event you face another suspension).
We then spent the remainder of the discussion brainstorming solutions together that could potentially help increase trust and transparency between Upwork and freelancers. In our continued efforts to keep Upwork a safe place for freelancers and clients to connect without compromising the trust of our users, we are carefully weighing the risks and benefits of some of these ideas, along with continuing to design and build out the solutions that Anna mentioned in her previous post. That all said, we don’t want this to be the end of the discussion.  Please continue to post here or reach out to us with additional concerns or ideas that will help us support you and keep you safe.  Thanks so much again for such an insightful discussion!
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Md Firoz H Member Since: Oct 10, 2020
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Yes, I totally agree with you. At least we have the right to know the reason behind the suspension. I am worried too as I am new here.