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Permanent account suspension for Top Rated Plus freelancer without any explanations

Hello Upwork,


We have a big community of Eastern European freelancers. Our friend Victor's account has been recently suspended without any explanations or reasons given. Victor is not the first one who faced this problem and we've heard about such cases before with both new and old members. We know about all possible reasons which can lead to account suspensions but it looks like none of these reasons are applicable to this particular case. We are heavy concerned that honest Upwork freelancer can be blocked without the reason and lose the ability to use the platform he used for many years.


Here is his profile URL: **Edited for Community Guidelines**

He has Top Rated Plus badge, 5k+ hours and $100k+ earnings and verified identity (both ID and video call from 2019).


Obviously he has lost access to his Upwork profile thus he can't connect with anyone from the platform except via the social networks.


We would like to expose our concerns about this situation and our future on the platform. Nobody wants to be permanently suspended.

- How can we help to improve the verification process and decrease number of invalid suspensions?

- How can we know the reason of this particular account suspension in order to meet the policy for other members in the future?

- Do you have some contact which can be reached out regarding such suspensions and explain the reasons?


Thank you!


This is really scary, I am on upwork since 2010.

- I have over 9000+ hours
- $700K+ earning
-  100% Job Success Rate
- Served hundreds of happy clients

I was asked to provide Govt-ID verification last day that I have already submitted, previously my profile was verified within minutes after submitting the document, however this time it's around 12-24 hours and I am still waiting for verification. I am hoping to get the profile re-verified soon like it was done couple of times previously but reading this thread and messages make you feel very unsecure. 

Hi AQ,


It looks like one of our team members is already assisting you with your concern. If you need further assistance, please feel free to update the ticket, and our team will be happy to assist you further. 

~ Joanne

Hi Joanne,


I hope all is good at your end, One of my colleagues to whom you have replied above is unable to login into his upwork account. He has a huge profile of $800K earning, job success rate was 100% and working since last 12 years. He didn't receive any emails or notifications regarding temporary suspension and he has not received any email to appeal after permanent suspension. Two weeks back, he added new credit card to pay from his employer(client) account and he was asked to verify the identity. He submitted the documents and everything went fine. He believes, account got suspended because of a very minor technical glitch of not getting any notification or email. He is ready to submit any documents required. He is very distresed because his whole living is dependent on upwork and he is surving on upwork since 2010 honestly. He has no way to communicate that's why I am messaging you because he interacted with you few months back as well. He believes his account is suspended because his credit card payment was not processed and he didn't get any notifications or email and he feels its a technical glitch from upwork side.


He has no way to communicate because he never received account suspension email so either please put him on temporary hold so that he can communicate via upwork to create a support ticket, Its a very humble request to please look into this issue. Thanks!


I have sent you his profile ID and URL in private message. 




Mudassir Nazir

Hi Mudassir,


We truly appreciate you reaching out and sharing this experience on behalf of your colleague. However, for privacy reasons, we cannot share information about another user’s account. I can confirm that the issue on your colleague's account has been escalated and they'll be assisted accordingly by our team via a support ticket. Let me know if there's anything else I can assist you with. 


~ Arjay
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This is scary. Whatever the reason for the ban, the money the Freelancer earned should be allowed to be withdrawn before closing the account.

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My wife's ( WRITI DUTTA ) Upwork account got suspended for no reason. 

She doesn't have any access and can't post this to the community hence on her behalf I am posting this issue.

She got an identity verification email and did the necessary steps as per Upwork email to set a video call via google meet where she needs to share her screen. She did everything they asked and answered every queries while they didn't even asked for ant ID profe to check. But she got email that the account got suspended as they are not able to verify her identity.


Her account has been suspended without any explanations or proper reasons given. We know about all possible reasons which can lead to account suspensions but it looks like none of these reasons are applicable to this particular case. We are heavily concerned that an honest Upwork freelancer can be blocked without the reason and lose the ability to use the platform she used for more than 6 years.


She has a Top Rated Plus badge and verified identity (both ID and video call from 2019 and 2022 only via video call which leads to account suspension).

As there is an option on Upwork to appeal for suspension, please help so that she can get to know the reason or can solve the issue the team may have with the account. Without knowing the reason how come someone understands what's going on?


Please help!

Barun K

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