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Personal Brand Website In Cover Letter

Hello everyone

I have a quick question different version of this questions have been answered, but need an answer for my particular situation. I run a personal website **Edited for Community Guidelines** so when applying to jobs on Upwork can I include it in the cover letter ? mind you it has contact information on it  ( which I know is prohibited from sharing before a contract starts ) but when applying in my cover letter I can say next to my website ( please contact me only through Upwork ). Let me know what do you do in this particular situation.



Hi Milko,


Thank you for your message. It depends on why the personal website link was included on the cover letter. If you are sharing the link to showcase your skills or portfolio items listed on the website, then this is allowed. Please request the client to keep communication on Upwork until there is a contract in place. If the link was shared to deviate and get communication outside Upwork then that's a TOS violation.


Thank you,


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Thank you for the reply Pradeep, I am still a bit confused because on my website I have what services I offer but also publication that I have been featured on, I put a link up can you please open it and let me know what you think is it ok to share it via cover letter by looking at it ? It's a personal website for my brand.

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