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Personal Feedback and JSS

What can I say about these two and their indelible impact on work, mental health and well-being?

The Job Success Scores give way too much power to the customers.

Some clients are utterly lovely, or professional or just okay. Some clients can be an utter nightmare to work with. While a freelancer responds to them professionally, delivers everything requested of them, gets 5 stars of feedback... and then finds ou
t 3 weeks later than just because of 'Personal Feedback', which is completely contrary to the 5 star feedback I usually get (When a client can be bothered to supply feedback - even the good ones), the JSS suffers a 3% drop. It doesn't matter if you have 5 stars all the way. All it takes is one negative Personal Feedback and your JSS is tanked. It's ridiculous and completely unfair to the freelancers/suppliers/agencies of all kinds. 

Not only that, I have clients that thought the 'Private/Personal Feedback' was just a thow-away questionairre and didn't have any impact at all on Job Success scores. It certainly doesn't tell them on the page that it will remove 3% from a freelancer JSS if they give below a certain number of 1 to 10. Some people don't even believe that perfection if possible and won't ever give top or high marks (on the basis that humans are imperfect beings and only God is perfect).

Upwork is litterally letting the client act as Judge, Jury and Executioner of our careers on Upwork without any chance to provide counter-evidence regarding the reality of the client/project.

We litterly have to tip-toe on egg-shells just incase the client has a bad day and decides to completely tank our JSS with a spiteful personal feedback review that we're not even able to see or respond to.

I had one client, a French gentleman, who I met his every requirements. But he didn't bother to respond to my queries most of the time. Didn't provide any feedback to the first draft illustration. Closed the job without saying a word and three weeks later my JSS lost 3%. No word. No learnings or debrief. No help from Customer Service (because that would be too much). 

I was the Lead Designer on the Design Team that deliver **Edited for Community Guidelines**

UK's first ever proposal win to the European Commission. We worked weekends for two weeks solid. Worked until 10pm every night, 7 days a week. The Partner, **Edited for Community Guidelines**, clapped us on our shoulders when they won the bid for new business. Then behind our backs to his fellow **Edited for Community Guidelines** partners he slated our work and demanded only to pay half of the bill. All of those actions got him a promotion to Global Lead Partner.


Basically Upwork is endorsing client's to treat us just like that - less than human - to pat us on the shoulder and lie to our faces. 

Please explain why 'that' is professional, open, transparent, fair and good business?**Edited for Community Guidelines**

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Thanks for sharing your experience with us, Gary.

We ask both freelancers and clients to provide their honest 
feedback on contracts as it allows us to build trustworthy and transparent marketplace. If there is anything about their experience with a contract that they aren't comfortable sharing publicly, they can express it in their private feedback. The Job Success score was introduced because it takes into account more information than public star rating does. For example, jobs that ended without payment or with a full refund are also important part of the freelancer's overall performance. However, they are not reflected in the star rating. Job Success score on the contrary, provides as much information about the freelancer's performance as possible.

I'd also like to note that we exclude clients whose freelancers report a history of unreasonable feedback so that their scores won't count against the score. Top Rated freelancers who have a proven record of successful contracts also can occasionally request the removal of a client's feedback from the score. 

~ Valeria
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