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Personalised homepages?

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Am I the only one who finds the blue homepage a little bland? odesk should take its cue from the wonderful Chinese social network qq and develop customised pages. Some men may like a page with their favourite sport as a background, some women may enjoy an elegant floral one. Younger people may like a pop/rock themed page; personally, I'd like an underground-looking one complete with mysterious artifacts and dinosaur skeletons! I am hopeful, because I know that odesk listens to its freelancers, and acts quickly to put their ideas into practice. Given the obvious technical acumen of the computer experts, I do not think my idea is unfeasible. So get voting, with enough 10's we can soon be staring at wonderful, individual, pages as we peruse through all those lucrative and enticing jobs! :-)
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Hi Ramon as a compatriot I recognise your humorous device. ..but bear in mind that many won't, and several will probably take it quite seriously. Smiley Happy
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I was going to suggest adding classic computer games such as Space Invaders and Donkey Kong onto the Test section, but that felt a little too silly :-(