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How can I save my profile without a photo?  I would be new to Upwork (If I could save the profile), and understand the reasons for having a photo on a personal profile, but would rather not do so.  I see that a few other people have managed to do this, but it won't save mine without a photo; just brings up a red message saying I need to up;oad one (although it doesn't say this in the info next to the photo section). Thanks for your help.


Dear Mate, There is no option to save your profile without picture. I think, If you have not, You can place an image represending your work. That is the best solution. 

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Community Manager

Hi Benedicta,


I'm sorry but your profile won't be accepted if you don't upload a real photo of yourself. 


Hi Vladimir


Just saw this by accident.  Thanks for replying, and for your help.  For reference, the wording next to the photo section implies that you do not need to upload a photo to complete your profile, only that it is an advantage to do so. Maybe this could be altered to make it clear that this is not the case?




Earlier this evening, I posted a question about not wanting to upload a profile photo, but the question seems to have been removed from this discussion board - not sure why.  Just wanted to say thanks to the person that replied (was it Abdul?), before it disappeared.  Just out of interest, do I actually need a proile completed to apply for jobs?  Have repeatedly tried to save the text part of mine, but it won't save. Thanks.

How to upload a profile photo???
What are the parameters?

Hi Vladimir, 

Please check this support article for more information on uploading profile photos on your Upwork profile. 

~ Avery