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Please Help With Error On My Profile When Applying To New Jobs Its Says I don't Meet Requirements

Hello, I have a question on an error in my profile stats or summary when I apply for new jobs. I would like to know why my profile when I apply for jobs says that I don't meet the 90% completed work rating from my past jobs....when I have completed all my jobs in the past from this site and I have plenty of reviews....It comes off that I dont meet these requirements when I apply for new jobs and show a red text underneath when an employer post they require 90% completion of jobs that I don't meet that and its not true. Can I please have some help with this thankyou.

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Check out the New To  Upwork section of the forums for some getting started advice. Then, as you see things you don't recognize (such as JSS), search for those on the official help pages. There are a lot of steps involved in using Upwork correctly and if you don't understand them, you are going to be taken advantage of by scammers and waste your connects bidding on the wrong jobs. Good luck!

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Says your profile is not public. If this is not by intent, you'll simply need to contact Upwork and ask that they make your profile public then report back so we can help. If this is intentional, then all I can say it is more difficult to help with questions about your profile when we're kept blind. 

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