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Please can someone help me to have my first job

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Needs a lot of patience.

You need to be very determined.

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Hey Robed, use all 15 Skills and use a short paragraph for each of your Jobs.

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In order to get my first job and feedback, I had to take very low-paying, easy jobs that anyone could do. Once I accepted those jobs and received 5-star feedback, I started to get other offers and be accepted as a new writer on Upwork.

While this may your experience, I do not recommend it. Yes, you may have to set your rates a bit lower when you are new, but if the skills are there, taking, "very low-paying, easy jobs" is not helpful when the next client wants to know why they don't get really cheap prices, too. In addition, it also tells the clients they can get really cheap work from the platform, which harms everyone.


While the stars and public rating is nice, I suppose, it has nothing to do with your private feedback or JSS.

Can you tell me what private feedback and JSS are? I thought there was only one place for clients and freelancers to exchange feedback.

At the end of every contract is the opportunity to leave public and private feedback. Both the freelancer and the client can leave feedback. Neither the freelancer nor the client know what is in the private feedback. It is the private feedback that determines your JSS, along with other factors Upwork does not disclose. You complete public and private at the same time. The public rating is there for show.


The JSS is the Job Success Score. Yours is 100%. I'm genuinely surprised you are unaware of the meaning. Maybe you are not used to seeing it abbreviated.


Here is more information on the JSS.

Thank you.


And, no, I have never seen it abbreviated. But also, I have only been active in the community very recently. I received an invitation by email a while ago and accepted but never took the time to investigate, so I haven't been thinking much about anything that I have read on here. Up until a month ago, I have had steady work and have been busy.


Thanks for taking the time to explain.

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I agree with you Jeanne.


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