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Please evaluate my profile

Hi. I just received a message from the UpWork staff about how they want me to improve my profile. He mentioned the following recommendations:


Here are the recommendations I made:

  • Update your overview--yours has policy violations.
  • Modify your title--yours is too long, shorten it to be more focused and representative of a profession.
  • Update your employment history -- add a description for the positions provided.


I fixed it now (to the best I could regarding policies) and I was hoping if it's good enough. Previously I included the links to websites that utilized my writing talent and my employment and educational history had no descriptions to speak of. My title used to be "Food Scientist/Health and Fitness Writer"


Thank you for your generosity. Let's all help each other become better freelancers. 🙂




Your profile reads perfectly well to me. There is just one thing though. I couldn't open your portfolio. At the moment I am using IE11 so it could be that, which could also mean that any client using IE11 can't open it either. Perhaps somebody else who is using a different browser could try this?

Actually my portfolio is under review since I updated it with my UpWork projects.


Thank you for your generous feedback Ms.Nichola!


Hi. I'm bumping this if Oleg (the UpWork guy who told me to edit my profile) doesn't notice I already followed his instructions to the bone. I emailed him twice since yesterday.