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Please help me in getting my right

Ace Contributor

I got this reply from Upwork support


**Edited for community guidelines**

The only guarantee is from Upwork, there is no guarantee that client will pay me outside.

Once Upwork notified me by email to stop working on this contract then I immediately stopped because after getting notice payment was not guaranteed.

I suggested Upwork team to not refund his money because I have right on it therefore deposit it into my account and then close this contract.

Issue was on client's side, client got his money back and done his work. Me and my family are suffering.

Humanitarian rights are above all rules and regulations therefore I will avoid discussing rules and regulation of Upwork and
I humbly request CEO of Upwork to please play his part and reimburse me for the sake of children.



Rana Muhammad H wrote:



Obviously if someone stops arguing then this means that he has made mistake which he/she can not defend. I also don't want to waste his and my time, He must correct his decision instead of standing with such decision. Only telling that this is my stance is only a joke like a person hits the car and then says that I was sleeping but you must be careful of the sleeping drivers, don't argue with me because i have provided my stance.


I wanted to leave it and move on but my family insisted to follow, they are expecting that the decision will be corrected and we will get relief.



Stopping to argue is not an admission of guilt. 

Your family might be of a different opinion, but it is your career and reputation at stake here. Clients read forum posts too, and somebody considering hiring you might look up your posting history. Some might think your persistence is a virtue, while others might think you are too much trouble for your own good. 



Do you know about ex-party decisions?

I am a loyal freelancer of upwork, clients can see my work history of eleven years.

If someone is contesting for his right than support him or start blaming him?

I am appealing, requesting and contesting, ONLY that decision is now baseless, if you don't have futher objection then revert it in my favor. WHAT IS WRONG IN IT? 

Rana Muhammad H wrote:

Do you know about ex-party decisions?

It's called "ex parte" and I think you may want to look up what it meas before you throw it about.


Rana Muhammad H wrote:

I am appealing, requesting and contesting, 

You've had a month of arguing with Upwork and they explained their decision and informed you that it is final.

Obviously you can keep oing until Upwork eventually lock you out of Support, the forum and if need be, Upwork.


At some point you need to get a grip and move on with your life.

You were given the choice to take legal action, which is the only route open to you now.


Rana Muhammad H wrote:

I am a loyal freelancer of upwork, clients can see my work history of eleven years. 

And? What does that have to do with anything?